November 29- December 3


Important Dates:

Thanksgiving Break- November 22-26

Math Learning Goals:

3.4F(S)- recall facts to multiply up to 10 by 10 with automaticity and recall the corresponding division facts

3.4G(S)- Use strategies and algorithms, including the standard algorithm, to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number. Strategies may include mental math, partial products, and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties.

3.6 C (R) determine the area of rectangles with whole number side lengths in problems using multiplication related to the number of rows times the number of unit squares in each row

Math Homework:

  • Math Homework will be passed out on Friday, December 3rd. It will be due the following Thursday, December 9th .
  • Please study your multiplication facts (0,1,2,4) . We will have a Mad Minute on Thursday, December 2nd. Students will have one minute to solve 30 multiplication facts. This is not for a grade. We will set goals each week to improve fact fluency.

Science Learning Goals:


3.7A- Explore and record how soils are formed by weathering of rock and the decomposition of plant and animal remains.

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