January 29 – February 2

Upcoming Dates:  January 31st- Early Release February 14th- Valentines Party at 1pm February 16th- No School February 19- School Holiday February 28th- Early Release TEKS: MATH 3.3H – (R)- Compare two fractions having the same numerator or denominator in problems by reasoning about their size and justifying the conclusion using symbols, words, objects, and pictorial… More January 29 – February 2

January 22-26

TEKS: MATH 3.3 B – (S)- determine the corresponding fraction greater than zero and less than or equal to one with denominators of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 given a specified point on a number line 3.3D – (S)- compose and decompose a fraction a/b with a numerator greater than zero and less than… More January 22-26

January 15 – 19

Important Dates: January 15th – NO School January 31 – Early Release at 11:30 February 14 – Valentine’s Party at 1pm February 16-19 – NO School February 28 – Early Release at 11:30   TEKS: MATH 3.7A- (S) represent fractions as halves, fourths, and eights as distances from 0 on a number line.  3.3 A… More January 15 – 19